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Quality Improvement in Practice

Embed Sustainable QI Activity

Practical guidance on how to introduce and maintain Quality Improvement activity in your day-to-day operations.

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General practice is expected to align with the broader health and care system in engaging with Quality Improvement (QI).


Whilst the sector is adept at responding to need and implementing rapid, small-scale change, embracing a structured and measured approach to QI, with consistent monitoring and evaluation of outcomes, can present challenges.

Despite initiatives and incentives to support the introduction of QI into general practice, operational pressures often leave little capacity to integrate QI into daily practice.

Follow a proven process

Our support packages is delivered in four phases.

Lead presentations during meetings
Principles of QI
  • Understand the core principles of QI and its significance in the design and delivery of care in primary care settings.

  • Harness data-driven approaches for effective problem solving and decision-making.

QI Tools & Techniques

Explore availble QI tools and learn to discern their relevance and applicability.​

Creating & Executing Projects

Setup projects from inception to completion and establish relevant processes to ensure success.

Sustainable Change
  • Discover how to embed QI processes into daily practice, with crucial insights into the role of leadership and culture.

Achieve Sustainable Improvement

​At the end of this process, practice  will have a:

  • Essential knowledge and skills to deliver successful QI projects within the practice

  • Comprehensive understanding of availble QI tools and their practical application.

  • Confidence and capability to embed QI principles into day-to-day practice operations.

Venn Collaborations

Partnership with

In collaboration with People Wellbeing, we also focus on the wellbeing aspect of QI. A healthy, well-supported staff is crucial for any successful QI initiative.


Our partnership allows us to offer a comprehensive solution that addresses both staff wellbeing and quality improvement.

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Partnership with

Working alongside GPWidget, we offer innovative solutions to manage demand and capacity in healthcare settings. GPWidget specialises in providing digital tools that streamline operations and enhance patient engagement, complementing your QI efforts.

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