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Primary Care Workforce

Boost Team Capacity & Skills

We help you develop an informed, strategic approach to workforce expansion, maximising benefits for both practices and patients.

Medical Staff

Since the introduction of Primary Care Networks (PCNs), general practice has benefits from the expansion of its workforce through the Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS)

Appointment to these roles is mostly based on national specification and the availability of local workforce. Often, this is without a detailed understanding of local population health needs, individual practice challenges, or a strategic plan for deploying these roles effectively in both the long and short terms.

Follow a proven process

Doctor's Appointment
  • Review and understand your existing workforce capacity.

  • Uncover individual practice challenges alongside PCN strategic objectives.

  • Examine your PCN population health needs.

  • Evaluate your current workforce against these needs.

  • Identify appointment capacity and pressure areas.

  • Discover what and where to recruit for maximum impact.

  • Acquire suggested key performance indicators for measurement.

  • Establish a framework for individual objective setting and job plans.

  • Develop a recruitment and retention strategy.

  • Navigate a step-by-step action plan to implement recommendations.

  • Use a detailed project plan with clear timescales

  • Implement a communication strategy, internally and externally.

  • Conduct a thorough evaluation to measure impact.

  • Identify areas for improvement.

  • Embed sustained change for lasting success.

Achieve Sustainable Improvement

​At the end of this process, commissioners, PCNS and practice can expect to have:

  • Evidence of Resource Impact: Clear guidance on the deployment, usage and impact of allocate resources.

  • Empowered workforce Strategy: An informed strategy for enhancing the GP workforce to achieve meaningful results for both practices and patients.

  • Strategic Communication: An internal and external communications strategy that ensures roles and understood and utilised to their full potential.

  • Targeted Recruitment: Defined plan with clear personal objectives and job plans, resulting in a team of well-supported and motivated staff.

We are extremely please with the outcomes of the review of the roles and responsibilites of Additional Roles Reimbursement Scheme (ARRS) PCN workforce.
This process has not only helped our PCN enhance the value and effectiveness of this workforce, but has also enabled improved communication across the PCN.
This strategic review has undoubtedly improved the services we offer our patinets and made these roles more rewarding.
PCN Clinical Director
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