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Primary Care Resilience Identification

Gauge Resilience Levels Across Primary Care

A proactive and consistent approach to identify resilience early on empower commissioners to take timely and targeted action.

Business Consultation

General practice has seen unprecedented demand in services, workforce challenges and changes in expectation from both patients and the wider health care system.

Adapting to these changes is not always straight forward. Practice can suddenly find themselves facing operational, financial and/or compliance pressures. Addressing these issues promptly means that early interventions can be put in place, in order to safeguard the practice and avoid crisis. 

Despite the importance of early intervention practice are not always proactive in coming forward early to alert commissioners of issues.

Follow a proven process

Computer with Graph

Review of publicly availble data and metrics to assess practice and produce a comprehensive dashboard, ranking them based on their resilience risk. No direct involvement from individual practice is needed for this phase.

Report: RAG rated dashboard

Assess publicly availble data and metrics plus soft information drawn locally to generate a Red, Amber, Green (RAG) rate dashboard that offers an overview of the local system's situation and provides commissioners with valuable insights for strategic decision-making. This phase requires collaboration with identified practice to gather deeper insights.

Achieve Sustainable Improvement

At the end of this process, commissioners will have:

  • Comprehensive understanding of practice resilience

  • Capability to regularly assess the current status of your practices

  • Strategic allocation of intervention resources to areas where they are most needed.

Our Primary Care Resilience package, geared towards implementing interventions for long-term sustainability, comes into play once practice have been identified through this insightful process.

We've been working with the Venn Team for the last two year on a range of projects.
They are very skilled and professional in helpfully challenging and driving us fulfil our potential.
Through their help, we have developed extensively and function much better as as team
GP Partnership, Devon
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