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Staff Appraisals

Strengthen Staff Engagement & Retention

Our confidential, independent service helps you with the strategic prioritisation, development and management of an effective appraisal process for both clinical and non-clinical staff.


Staff appraisals are essential for nurturing a motivated, high-performing team. However, developing and managing an effective appraisal process demands a substantial investment of time to prepare, conduct and produce comprehensive appraisal plans.


This can be particularly challenging if one individual bears sole responsibility for all appraisals within a practice. 


In the current climate, where staff recruitment and retention are key to practice operating effectively, strategic prioritisation and management of appraisals is vital for success. 

Follow a proven process

This service is delivered by our senior, experienced team in a consistent and empathetic manner.

Business Interview
  • Equip yourself with all relevant information prior to appraisals.

  • Access an easy booking process.

  • Embrace the convenience of remote appointments to fit in with timeframes of staff and practice.

Actions Plans
  • Develop a comprehensive personal development plan with clear objectives.

  • Established transparent timescales for the action and review process.

Follow-up review
  • Conduct a thorough review after six months to track the progress of action plans.

  • Gather valuable insights with a staff experience survey.

Achieve Sustainable Improvement

​At the end of this process, practices will have a:

  • Successfully completed a CQC-compliant appraisal process.

  • Well defined objectives and appraisal plans for all staff.

  • A finalised appraisal report for the practice management team

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