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Partnership Working with Primary Care

Engage more effectively with Primary Care

Leverage our expertise in the primary care sector to refine your value proposition, stand out and secure buy-in.

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For companies offering products and services to improve primary care organisation, aligning your value proposition with both the NHS agenda and the specific goals of individual healthcare providers can pose a considerable challenge.

Simultaneously, faced with stretched resources and escalating service demand, these healthcare providers have little capacity to explore and assess emerging opportunities.

To Earn consideration, solutions need to ad value by improving patient safety and clinical outcomes, increasing capacity in GP teams, alleviating workload pressures and being easy to implement in a sustainable way.

Demonstrating this value demands an in=depth understanding of operating environment and key stakeholders.

Follow a proven process

Our primary care sector consultancy is delivered in two parts.

Communicating Value
  • Leverage our knowledge and expertise of the ever-evolving NHS landscape to align your service/product with NHS strategic goals.

  • Identify key stakeholders

  • Devise convincing value messages for each target audience.

Effective Implementation
  • Gain our expert insight into the development of an effective implementation plan

  • Benefit from a range of hands-on support for implementation initiatives, such as strategic planning and project oversight, step-by-step guides, training sessions, mentoring and coaching, and evaluation support.

Achieve Sustainable Improvement
  • Check progress, holding all partners accountable

  • Address issues, creat action plans, and set the course for next steps.

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