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High Performing Teams

Maximise Talent & Foster Innovation

Organisation and team development support that brings sustainable organisational benefits and empowers individual team members to flourish.

Friendly Business Team

Successful organisations thrive because they understand why they exist and what they are trying to achieve. They foster a collaborative and purpose-driven environment, enabling staff to work together to realise this shared vision.

These organisations actively embrace diversity across the team, harnessing the unique talents of each team member. Tasks are distributed strategically, ensuring everyone's strengths contribute to the collective success.

Follow a proven process

Our organisation development support can be adapted to suit your organisation's specific situation and will heal to take you to the next level.

Organisation Development
  • Shape a compelling vision and set of values

  • Establish robust governance and accountability structures

  • Identify and set priorities that drive success

  • Hone effective decision-making

Team Development
  • Understand individual styles and skills within your team

  • Master clear and respectful communication

  • Foster a culture of constructive, two-way feedback

  • Create a psychologically safe environment for creativity to thrive

Individual Development
  • Transform leaders and managers into change agents

  • Understand your individual style and way of working to get the most out of your team

Business Development
  • Develop strategic business plans

  • Craft powerful communications strategies

  • Learn how to setup and run projects effectively

Coaching & Mentoring
  • Ignite team spirit with dynamic away days

  • Benefit from individual or group coaching

  • Receive support with action planning and delivery

  • Access 1:1 guidance for those navigating high-pressure situations.

Achieve sustainable improvements

​Upon completion of this process, organisation will have:

  • A psychologically safe environment with a culture of collaboration and continuous learning.

  • Practical problem-solving, decision-making and accountability processes.

  • High-Performing, dynamic teams empowered to innovate and produce work at the highest level.

We have been engaging with Venn for the past year on developing our senior team.
Their tailored approach, insightful assessments and interactive approach to workshops fostered a collaborative, high-performing team.
The results have exceeded our expectations. Deny's and Tina's facilitation and skills demonstrated deep expertise, connecting with out team on a personal level whilst addressing our organisation's goals.
Senior Partner, GP Practice

Senior Partner, GP Practice

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