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Events Management

Producing Engaging & Productive Events

We can design and plan your events such as away days, training event, strategic development meetings. 

Audience and Lecturer

In the rapidly evolving landscape of healthcare, the ability to convene critical discussions, training sessions, and strategic development meetings is essential. At Venn Health, we understand that each event is a unique opportunity to foster innovation, collaboration, and actionable outcomes. Whether you're planning an intimate away day, a comprehensive training event, or a high-stakes strategic development meeting, our bespoke event management solutions are tailored to meet your needs. With the flexibility to support both in-person and virtual gatherings, we ensure that your event transcends geographical limitations, engaging participants wherever they are.

Follow a proven process

Our services are categorised into three distinct levels of support.

Guest Speaker

At the Standard level, we provide expert logistical arrangements and meticulously design your agenda to ensure your event runs smoothly.


For those seeking more comprehensive support, our Intermediate option includes the added benefits of chairing and facilitating the event, sourcing speakers, and developing a comprehensive outcomes report and action plan.


Our Advanced service goes a step further, not only offering the full suite of Intermediate services but also implementing the outcomes and actions identified during your event, complemented by time-limited progress follow-up to ensure lasting impact.

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