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Integrated Neighbourhood Teams

Promote Collaboration Locally

We help you build the skills, capacity and capability to break down silos and deliver joined-up population health management with an effective neighbourhood approach.

Team Hugging

An integrated neighbourhood approach brings together organisations and teams who are involved in the design and delivery of care, to develop a joined-up approach towards delivering interventions based on population health needs.

While some PCNs are collaborating with GP surgeries and external services, maintaining a sustained approach is challenging, meaning that organisational silos continue, preventing true integrated working and the mutual benefits that this brings.

Follow a proven process

Using population health data, we work with teams to identify a small, clearly defined project with shared objectives that is suitable for teamwork.

All Hands In
  • Participate in a workshop to foster team cohesion and understand objectives.

  • Use population health data to gain consensus on priority areas.

Project Structure
  • Develop a shared vision - what does good look like for all partners at the end of the project.

  • Assemble the project team and develop a project plan with scope, outputs, deliverables, measurable outcomes and accountability structure.

Review 1
  • Check progress, holding all partners accountable.

  • Address issues, create action plans, and set the course for next steps.

Review 2
  • Evaluate progress and chart the next steps.

  • Embedded insights into practice and agree future projects.

Achieve Sustainable Improvement

​At the end of this process, organisations will have a:

  • Well-functioning, integrated neighbourhood team.

  • Priority project with a shared goal.

  • Robust and detailed project plan and structure.

  • Effective mechanisms for continuous monitoring and review.

Venn Health supported our locality with a neighbourhood development programme using population health management approaches.
Drawing on the range of expertise across their team, Venn helped us design a programme which included data analysis, a series of engagement workshops and an implementation strategy.
Having independent, dedicated support was invaluable in helping us develop our relationships, focus, and identify an area of improvement that would benefit all partners.
We continue to work with Venn - Their professionalism, expertise and sector knowledge have been key to the successful delivery of this programme.
Senior Locality Commissioner
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