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Primary Care Resilience

Build Long-term Practice Sustainability

Hands-on support and actionable interventions to develop and embed proactive, long term practice resilience.

Medical Worker

General Practice is under unprecedented pressure. As practice undergo rapid transformation to respond to challenges is is not uncommon for them to unexpectedly confront operation, financial and/or compliance pressures.

To sustain the practice and avoid crisis these issues need to prioritised and addressed effectively with dedicated resource and proactive management. Yet partners and managers can struggle to find capacity to engage in strategic transformation whilst simultaneously dealing with day-today operational demands.

Follow a proven process

Our support packages uses tried and tested interventions, care models and case studies and is delivered in five phases.


Review an in-depth analysis of each practice's unique situation, employing information provided in a range of tools and metrics.


Acquire recommendations for interventions and anticipated impact, based on findings of discovery phase.​


Receive hands-on support in implementing the action plan, complete with well-defined achievable objectives and realistic timelines.​


Assess progress regularly, review lessons learned and a make necessary adjustments to ensure ongoing success.​


Measure impact, identify areas for improvement and embed sustained change.​

Achieve Sustainable Improvement

Upon completion of this process, organisation will have:

  • A proactive approach to early identification of resilience challenges

  • In-depth skills tools and mindset for enhanced adaptability

  • A customised action plan with well0defined interventions to deliver sustained change

  • Successful alignment with the wider strategic landscape of future healthcare delivery.

Venn Health assisted us practice post-pandemic, addressing challenges with staffing structures, high patient dissatisfaction, and our practice leadership model.
Their thorough practice health check led to a focused six-month action plan managed by Venn.
We also conducted a staff salary review and implemented consistent pay structure with a transparent career path progression model.
Venn truly understand the nuances of general practice. Out team dynamics have greatly improved, our practice is stable and we have seen positive impacts across the practice team
GP Partner, Clinical lead

Senior Partner, GP Practice

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