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Meet Venn Health

The Story of Venn Health:

Welcome to the Venn Health journey – where passion for primary care and a vision for a better healthcare system converge. Founded in 2019 by Tina Teague and James Davies, Venn Health began with a bold aspiration to support the backbone of emerging Primary Care Networks (PCNs)​​.

Evolving Through Challenges:

As the world grappled with unprecedented healthcare challenges, our mission evolved. We transformed from a PCN support system into a comprehensive resource for all healthcare providers, adapting to the post-pandemic landscape and striving to deliver exceptional patient care​​.

Our Focus:

At Venn Health, we empower healthcare providers to excel. Our support spans strategic planning, operational efficiency, and technological innovation, ensuring that care providers are equipped to navigate modern healthcare complexities​​.

A Commitment to Collaboration:

Our approach is deeply collaborative. We work alongside you, understanding your operations intricately and co-creating solutions that cater to your unique needs​​.

Why Partner with Venn Health?

Engaging with us means gaining more than just consultancy; you gain dedicated allies. We bring a hands-on, empathetic approach to every challenge, ensuring that our support translates into tangible benefits for your practice and patients​​.

Tina Teague

Meet the Venn Team:

Our team is the heart of Venn Health. We are a close-knit group of experts, passionate about making real connections and delivering tangible results.

Our co-founders, Tina and James, bring over 35 years of combined experience in NHS service design, quality improvement, organisational development, and more​​​​​​.

James Davies

They are joined by Tim Davies, with his expertise in IT optimisation and clinical system support​​, Karen Button, a veteran in NHS community pharmacy and primary care management​​, Denys Rayner, a strategist in organisational change​​, and Gary Hughes, a leader and educator with a wealth of experience in general practice and PCNs​​.

Tim Davies

Join Us on Our Quest:

At Venn Health, our story is about more than providing services; it's about forging a partnership that enriches healthcare capabilities.

Join us on our quest to reshape and enhance the healthcare landscape.



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