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The Business of General Practice

Whether General Practice or Primary Care Network, it’s still a business. Reliant entirely on a single contract and locked into the NHS, it’s still a business. It’s not part of the NHS but an independent business.

At Venn Health we’re clear on this and the need for practices and PCNs to be run on solid business principles. It’s a thread that runs through our programs, it’s essential to building sustainable general practice and thriving PCNs.

Like any business it needs to be measured and monitored. Right now, it’s easy just to say it’s doing badly, and there’s no time to track what’s happening, but you need to know how your business is performing. Even in a crisis like we’re in now, and far more so than when things are going well, you need to know exactly what’s happening, Otherwise it’s like driving blindfold.

It’s easy to let tracking slip when there’s so much pressure and firefighting, but it’s one thing you shouldn’t stop and if you’re not doing it, then it’s never too late to start.

  • Stop and you will lose focus on the important goals

  • You won’t have clarity on what is really happening

  • You won’t have the information you need for decision making and planning

  • You won’t see problems until they are upon you

  • You get stuck in a reactive position, with constant knee jerk reactions to each crisis

Have you got an effective way of measuring and tracking your business?

if your answer to this question is ‘no’, we can help you do this by setting up your own practice or PCN dashboard. It’s not difficult or time consuming to do and can gather important and easily understood information to track on finance, services, access, patient experience and workforce.

We’ll show to use the information to:

  • Set and track your goals

  • Highlight when and where changes in your practice or PCN may be needed.

  • Inform your decision making and planning

  • Alert you to problems ahead, giving you time to take preventive action

  • Show where you have comfort or concern

General Practice and Primary Care Networks are a business, and now more than ever you need to have a clear picture of what is happening and where your business is heading.

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