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For practices experiencing issues that could threaten business continuity and that need immediate support to tackle the problems being faced.

This provides an assessment of the vital requirements that ensure ongoing operations and to identify any potential problems ahead.

A prioritised action plan is produced with the practice to enable it to return to a stable operating position.

Reviewing Reports at Desk
Image by Brett Jordan
Image by Matt Palmer

Rapid Assessment

Of the critical areas for ongoing operational security and continuity, e.g. payroll, payments due(creditors), income due (debtors), claims (DES, LCS, PPA), current critical issues (CQC, complaints, HR)

Immediate and critical requirements

Urgent and critical actions required to:

  • Prevent additional or worsening problems

  • Achieve stability

Recovery Plan

A detailed plan with the required and prioritised actions to return to a normal and stable operating position.

To find out about more about our Rapid Assistance Plan service please get in touch.

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