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The Fuller Stock Take

The ‘Fuller Stock Take’ was published in May 22 as ‘the next steps for integrating primary care’.

Little has been said of this since, but it would be careless to think of that document as not particularly important, something that might happen, but it probably won’t. Think this way and you are almost certainly incorrectly reading the intent and direction.

The Fuller Stock Take is a clear picture of the direction primary care is and needs to head. Interestingly, we have been in conversations at system level this past week that indicate these structures are beginning to take shape and ICBs are looking to measure performance against the framework of the Fuller Stock Take.

Primary Care Networks are front and centre for the change, although it may well be that in the future their structure and name is different. For PCNs it makes sense to start aligning your vision and strategy with the framework of the Fuller Stock Take. Just looking at a few of the goals, captured below, this will be something many PCNs will need expert support and guidance to do:

  • Enable all PCNs to evolve into integrated neighbourhood teams.

  • Co-design and put in place the appropriate infrastructure and support for all neighbourhood teams. Develop a primary care forum or network at system level.

  • Embed primary care workforce as an integral part of system thinking, planning and delivery.

  • Create a clear development plan to support the sustainability of primary care and translate the framework provided by Next steps for integrated primary care into reality, across all neighbourhoods.

While this may be where primary care is heading, for many PCNs, there is a step before this. Some PCNs are still in the emerging stages and are far from thriving organisations leading primary care in their neighbourhood. To begin to meet the next ambitions they first need to get themselves in a position to be able to do that. This will require developing their culture, capacity and capabilities in:

  • Collaborative working Leadership and management

  • Stakeholder engagement

  • Managing population health

  • Resilience and sustainability

The vision of our future primary care has been painted in the Fuller Stock Take. It’s coming now, but we first need to create thriving practices and Primary Care Networks that can lead the way in turning that vision in to reality.

Venn Health have programs to support the development of Primary Care Networks to enable them to be meet the goals of the Fuller Stock Take. Talk to us at

The Fuller Stock Take can be found here: stocktake-report.pdf

Thanks for reading, following, supporting and enquiring!

The Venn Health Team



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