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Launch Day! 1.11.22

Venn Health officially launches today, and we are thrilled to say hello to friends and colleagues throughout the NHS.

Actually, this isn’t really the beginning of Venn Health, but it is THE START OF SOMETHING BIG. We’re not here to be just another consultancy, we intend to be the best and preferred consultancy of primary care across the NHS.

Those in the Venn Health Team have been working for many years supporting primary care and the NHS with the challenges faced. And now more than 90 years of combined NHS experience are joining forces to support Primary Care and make good on our bold aim. We’re confident we can do that. The Venn Health Team’s expertise covers health care settings across the healthcare system:

  • Primary care

  • Primary Care Networks

  • Acute sector

  • Community care

and with an extensive list of skills and experience that include:

  • PCN and practice support and development

  • Service model review and re-design

  • IT optimisation and digital support

  • ARRS effectiveness

  • Capacity and workload modelling

  • Systems improvement and implementation

  • Developing vision and Strategy

  • Organisational development

  • Leadership and management development Non-clinical education programs

If you want to find out more or discuss a challenge you’re facing then we are always happy to have a relaxed, informal chat. There’s nothing to lose and you can reach us at

Thanks for reading, following, supporting and enquiring!

The Venn Health Team



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