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GP Widget Collaboration

We are thrilled to announce a collaboration between Venn Health and GP Widget (, a transformative step forward in optimising primary care management. This partnership brings together Venn Health's expertise in healthcare consulting and GP Widget's innovative efficiency tools, creating an all-in-one solution for Primary Care Networks (PCNs) and general practices​​.

What is GP Widget?

GP Widget is an efficiency tool designed specifically for primary care, aiming to supercharge management through various modules. These include tools for improving patient navigation and experience, signposting, social prescribing, and measuring demand and capacity through reproducible audits​​.

Our Collaborative Focus

  1. Enhancing Care Navigation: With GP Widget, we can support practices in streamlining their care navigation process. The platform offers guidance creation and management tools, enabling the entire primary care team, from admin to clinician, to access clear navigation guidance and standardized responses​​.

  2. Demand and Capacity Management: GP Widget's insights tool allows for the measurement of demand and capacity through reproducible patient flow audits. This feature is crucial for practices aiming to complete the QOF QI module focused on demand and capacity​​.

  1. Optimising Practice Operations: The collaboration extends to optimising overall practice operations. GP Widget’s resource search and team update tools ensure that staff have timely access to information, facilitating more efficient management processes​​​​.

  2. Supporting Patient Self-Navigation: An integral part of improving patient experience is enabling self-navigation to services. GP Widget integrates widgets into practice or PCN websites, supporting patients in this regard​​.

  3. Improving Patient Experience: Directly supporting patient request responses from reception and care navigators improves service navigation, an aspect that GP Widget enhances significantly​​.

Administration Guides and Staff Support

An essential part of this collaboration includes the administration guides provided by GP Widget. These guides are invaluable for practices, ensuring that staff, especially new members, can quickly access the information they need, saving time and enhancing operational efficiency.



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